Thursday, 23 June 2016

Additions to my hair stash!!!

Bentonite and AVC
I am getting a hang of having a blog so some weeks I forget to post really, I apologize. I hope you are having a blessed week, so am I.

On to the hair stuff, I recently bought some new things to add to my hair regime and I have done some DIY stuff as well, stuff stuff stuff(lol)... 
I bought Apple Cider Vinegar , Nature's Choice ACV, R 18.95 at Dis-chem and Bentonite Clay also Nature's Choice Bentonite Clay at Dis-chem R 32.95 and then I made some onion juice. I am going to incorporate these products into my regimen as I have mentioned and some I have already started with.

It smells very strong, phew! Close your nose if you have sensitive sniffers, I have braids and it is quite a mission to stand in the shower and wash them, so I am doing a light cleanse with this product. I mix it in water -1 part ACV and 2 parts water- you can research mixes to your liking or use as it is. I researched and mostly bought it to relieve my itchy scalp and you know how it goes in the hair community if more than one person is attesting to something you are bound to try it. Another extra thing about this product is that it can work as a skin cleanser/toner which I have been using it for on my face as well and I love the feeling, it kinda gives me a glow. I applied it on my scalp.

Bentonite Clay:
I have to be honest about this one if you are a YouTube junkie like me then you would know Nappy Fu which is where I learnt about this. I am going to use this once a month as a mask for my hair following a similar mixture to the one she does here, let her know that you were lead there by me (side eye)! And of course I read more about it and found that it has very good benefits for skin and body, so why not. I have only used it on my face as a mask, it left a clean feeling, so I think it also works as a cleanser, if my skin loves it then I am looking forward to seeing what it will do for my hair. I was battling between this and Henna, since Henna has colour, I am opting for this.

Onion juice:
Home made Onion juice
Another confession :(, oh well this one I got from Osa another of my favourite YouTube channels, I just love her personality something about the Nigerian ladies. She loves this! I have been using this for a week, spraying it on my scalp from every 2nd night and then massage it. In the morning I would spray my other spray which is a bit scented to mask the onion scent. I will be washing my scalp this weekend with a shampoo and continue with the juice. I  can't wait to see the results. I will write about how I did this juice on concoctions page.

I forgot to add that I have also bought castor oil which I will be using it on my scalp and edges.
I am giving all of my experiments 2-3 months , I think that is good enough time to scout for differences and to see how my hair and skin feel.

I am leaning on the natural way of things so this is why I bought these products and made the juice because I want to use less chemicals on my body as a whole, the best thing about that brand is that it organic and the ACV is non GMO, hurray!

I enjoyed writing this post,  I hope you do too. Until next post God bless...

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