Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Always searching for a solution

Hey hey,

Why are we always searching for a solution? Aren't we satisfied with the current routine that we have for our hair?

The hair community has so many methods of taking of care your hair, to make it healthy and long and some of us always fall for this many many methods endlessly.
We are constantly in  search of what is working, instead of what is working for your hair. Blogger hopping from one site to the next, you might be doing more damage than good but if this is what you enjoy doing then don't let me hold you back.
It is allowed to do research( I am still researching) and a bit of experimenting, and continue keeping up to date with your favorite blogs.
For as long as you will have your hair you will experience something new, at least that is what I have notice with the blogs that I follow and my own hair, now that it is longer the process of taking care of it is different from when it was short, meaning that now I have to find something that will help it at the stage it is on.

I understand it can be a little frustrating when you are new at this and you are looking for the quickest way out, well there is one, it takes a lot of patience to allow your hair to do what it wants. So when you are trying these methods give yourself some time in between to give your hair a break and to see how it is reacting. It is good to try something out for longer than a month.

There will never be a strict solution for everybody, it is okay to experiment and find what works for you. You don't always have to be looking for what is trending and new. Be happy with what is working for you right and when it is time to switch things up, your hair will let you know.

Until next post, God bless...

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