Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Leaving my hair alone challenge

Head wrap week for me
Hey Rockstars
I have been doing this challenge for about a month now. Currently this week I am on a head wrap challenge to keep the above mentioned challenge going, I don't have enough scarf though but I will pull it through. The other weeks I was wearing wigs and I spoke about them on my previous post.

What is this challenge for? Apparently our hair (kinky hair) likes to be left alone or it cannot take daily manipulation very well and I want to put that to test. To retain length and moisture leaving your hair in a style (flat twist,twist, braids) for a week to two weeks should help. 
How have I been doing it?The first month doing this was a mess because I had my hair in twists and I was doing my washes on weekends and midweek co-wash with them on. My hair ended up matting with a lot of single strand knots. I switched to doing braids on it and it made that a lot better, I had less knots and my hair did not mat so much I think it is also because I kept them for a week and not two weeks. Nice thing is you can get a well define twist out or braid out at the end of the week. 
What is my verdict? The mornings are nice and easy, I just spritz my hair lightly seal it and then wrap it or wig it and go, same as the evenings but I just spritz it. My co-wash is more like a water wash only cause I barely use conditioner I just go under the shower and rub my scalp under the warm water and squeeze the twists or braids and I am done, I do put in leave in conditioner after. I cannot say I have noticed any new length, but my hair is retaining moisture and has become soft. And I also notice that it does not like the braid or the twists, it likes flat twists, I am not sure if the flat twist will survive the midweek wash.

As I am wrapping my hair this week I would advice that you first wrap it with the satin/silk scarf to protect it from the cloth you will be using on your head.

Until next post, God bless...

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