Friday, 29 July 2016

Local Hair Products to support!


I hope you are having fun and have had a pleasant week, or you could be typing away like me but nonetheless it's the weekend!

I have picked out 5 websites/products that I came across when I did this search many moons ago looking for local products for my hair because all the YouTube experts I watch are in the States.
 I have not bought from all of them, I am just simply doing this post to create awareness and to build up support for local content so they too can have a shelf at your nearest store.

First of will be
Well I have 2 of their products in my bathroom, mainly because you can get it at Game but selected stores. I have a shampoo and a protein treatment. I am well pleased with them, I also had their kiddies spray which reminds me to go get another one-it is a must have. They also have an online store, but I am happy with going to Game, though sometimes it does not stock all their products! You can check them out here>>

OaMobu Naturals

I also bumped into this website when searching and I actually plan on purchasing their black soap cleanser and shea butter mixtures for my body not hair. I read the reviews on there and they make me want to give them a try. Their branding also looks professional , I hope they expand their products to more than just butters and soap.
If you are curious like me, here is where to go: oamobu

Up next is 
Created by MissPeaches1000 ,if you are on YouTube as much as I am you would know who this is lol especially if you are looking for someone local, and I also knew about her through Aisha from MyFroandI. They have an online shop and they also sell on events, if you follow them on social media, you can find out what they are up to. With their products I will be more likely to get the mist. Here where Earthy is at!

This was a coincidence for me to find them, a friend of mine tagged me on a picture they posted on instagram and being obsessed with hair like I am , I went to check their page and ended up on their website browsing products. I love their look, it also attracted me. When I went on their website I noticed their R currency on the products and was surprised because I had though they are not local. Shame on me! I am eager to buy their oils especially grapeseed and avocado oil for my oil rinses and also their deep conditioner, they are very hard to find! Check them out here>>

This is probably one of the first store you'll find when you search for hair stuff in South Africa. They sell quite a lot of things, some of the products are of their own brand like shea butter, olive oil etc. I am very excited that they have Eco Styler Gel, now I will finally be part of the crew lol(imaginary crew). They also sell marley hair which can be sometimes hard to find as well as a latch hook crochet for crochets braids. To only think I bought mine from China :(. If you are struggling with natural hair products or curlers lol, just go to their website.

I hope I have helped you in some way with this post and most importantly please go check them out and support and also let them know that this is where you found out about them! 
I like how these business got formed-their background story- it is also the reason I probably chose them as well, so when you are browsing their websites you can read up on that.

Comment below about other products you know about and share their website so that we can spread the word. 

Until next post, God bless...

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