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What is in my beauty bag? Part 1 Hair Products

I have been dreading this post for some time out of laziness really. I would like to apologise for missing my post last week, had a change of routine and everything got thrown out of balance a bit or a lot regarding my online presence...
Starting for the back left, Anti-Fungal Spray
I trust that you are doing well, and have had a good weekend and week so long.


What products do I currently have in my possession? What is in my beauty bag? I am going to show you all the products that I use for both my daughter and I, hair, skin and face(makeup). I am gonna try to be as organised as possible.
After all the sorting that I had to do I realised that this post may need to be broken up into parts, and I am going to start with my hair products and give you a bit of a review on them. So without wasting any time lets get into it...

Hair Stash!
Rosemary Anti-fungal Braid Spray- I bought this along with the Hair masque but started using it when I got my braids, eliminate the itch because it was bad. The spray has a bit of an antiseptic scent and it feels like it does some light cleansing on the scalp. It did not get rid of the itching initially as the cause was not fungal related but irritation from the hair installed, however a month later with the braids and the irritation gone the spray seemed to be more effective when I spray  it in the morning and evening every other day. I might keep it.

Smooth N' Shine,
African Pride Growth Oil
Shwarzkopf Smooth ‘N Shine Leave-IN Softener- I bought this out of curiosity and desperation as I was looking for something like a leave-in conditioner at a cheaper price and I bumped into this product checked the ingredients and thought why not. The couple of time I used it left my hair soft but to be honest I kinda stopped using it because of the colour of the cream and it's scent ,yes I don't have other reasons. I do love the DR. Miracles Leave-in  conditioner so I will stick to that,but I still have to finish this one first.

African Pride Olive Miracle Growth Oil- This has been with me from my twa days yes, I have been faithful to this product as it was convenient for me with pre-mixed oils. I like the smell, it is strong but it does not linger, smells very sweet and has protein in it ,a protein oil? Is that possible? I use it as a pre-poo or hot oil treatment and add extra EVOO or castor oil to it. I noticed growth in the early days because I was applying it daily but now not so much. I do think it assists in growth somehow. Until I find another oil I am keeping this one.

Rosemary Original Formula Deep penetrating Masque- I think I love this conditioner, it is a deep conditioner and I mentioned in my wash day that I was sceptical about it but I love it. I can mix it with my protein treatment or other ingredients. I do love a conditioner that I can apply to my scalp and have no irritation at all. It smells amazing, I can't wait for my next wash day-coming this weekend -so that I can mix it all up. I am buying this again hopefully I find it, and I plan on using it as my co-wash.

Rosemary Hair Masque,
Black Pearl Sulfate-Free Shampoo
Black Pearl Enhanced Moisture Sulphate-free  Shampoo- I think this is gonna last me forever cause I just wash my hair once a week and I dilute my shampoo most if not all the time. I like it but it just does not have something, maybe with prolonged use I will find that thing. It's a good shampoo I have had so far.

Tresemme Naturals Conditioner- I bought this because of YouTube, all the natural people on there just swear by this conditioner and I may understand why. The slip is good, so detangling is a breeze and I attest to that. As soon as you apply it some curls develop, and your hair feels very soft before an after . What I have against this is how much it irritates my scalp, I did not realise this until after I stopped putting it in my spritzer and yes the instructions do tell you to apply it along the length of the hair not the scalp. I have noted that! They have discontinued this line so if you still see it in the market it is probably the last bottle.

NexSheen Arganics Outgel This Styling Gel (evoo enriched with argan oil)- I have not seen this gel in any commercial store, so I may have to go back to the store that I bought it at in Parklands. I guess this is my South African ECO Styler gel, it does not flake and has minimum ingredients which do include olive oil and argan oil so it wins for me. It holds pretty well also.

Tresemme Naturals Conditioner,
Styling gel,Jeba Hair Food
Jeba Naturals Hair food- This is my T44Z hair food dupe,they actually smell the same. I don't what is the difference between the two but they look the same as well the formulation as well. And this promises to do the same miracles as the other. I have to admit I have not used it as much because of the petrolatum in it. I occasionally apply it on my edges, been trying to grow them. It also smells nice.

Soil Kenyan Shea Butter (100% pure and organic)- this works as a sealant on my ends, I use it more on my skin than I use it on my hair. I do apply it on my daughters hair as well, it seems to like it. I'm not sure if my hair likes it. The smell of this butter is very earthy, I don't mind it at all, I mixed it with coconut oil and a bit of olive oil to make it a bit softer since it is winter. I like the effect it has on my skin more.

Afro Botanics Repairing and strengthening Treatment- I have noticed the less breakage from the first use of this products as it says on the packaging. I like everything about it, the smell, the texture , the works. Now I understand why my hair needs protein treatment. I do it before long protective styles and after like braids and once a month if I am just wearing my hair.

Dischem Castor Oil – (in the skin care pictures) I just bought this recently for my edges and scalp, so I have not a real review. YouTube inspired me to buy it, a lot of people are testifying by it so I will see my results. 

The next part will be about skin care. Thank you very much for the little support that you are giving me. I hope this was helpful, until next post, God bless...

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