Sunday, 28 August 2016

Flat Ironed my Hair!

Wassup you!

It has been a minute, has it not? I was having a somewhat unpleasant week if I may, but I hope yours was much more pleasant than mine. 

So I decided to straighten my hair out of the blue, I do not know what got into me. It's YouTube, I was looking at silk press videos and they led to flat ironing natural hair and then blow drying natural hair lol.

My first take was blow drying my hair, which I don't have pictures off (sorry!). I did that because I was going out and did not know what to do with my washed wet hair.
I did not do anything special on my hair as I just cleansed it with some ACV and applied coconut and avocado oil on my strands. So I blow dried my hair using the tension method, I have a bristle brush but I was just sceptical to use it. I then tied my hair in a bun and kept it for almost 2 days, I straightened it at the end of day 2.

Tresemme Heat Defence Styling Spray
Hair brush
I would advice that you do not take a leap of faith like I did. Do necessary things to prepare your hair, like shampoo, deep condition or protein treatment and leave-ins before applying any heat on your hair. As I am typing this I am silently praying that I do not have heat damage though I used my Tresemme Heat Defence Styling Spray-I forgot to put it in the what's in my bag post because I hardly ever use it.

Here's how I straightened my hair, it is not really that straight though! 

  • I divided my hair into four sections, and tied them into Bantu knots.
  • I sprayed a section with the heat defence spray, and then ran my fingers through it to distribute the spray on the strands. I did this for all sections.
  • Then I would part my hair into much smaller thin sections, and detangle with a wide tooth comb starting from tips to roots.
  • Lastly I dusted(lightly trimmed)  my ends, they were looking not so good.

Right side straightened
Left side Bantu knots, 

Besides being worried about heat damage, I am very pleased with the results I got from using this method of flat ironing, it was my first time.
I noticed that the hair is much straighter and does not feel as textured. I remember the last time I ironed my hair , I did not get results like this and that was over a year ago. It helped expose the bad ends of my hair which I trimmed off, I think that is why they look so frizzy in the pictures. My hair also feels soft, I can run a comb through my roots.

I do not have a rule over how many times a year I use heat on my hair though I try to stay away from it as much as possible. It just so happens I last straightened my hair over a year ago.One other reason I did this is I want to see if my hair will get enough sebum coverage, hopefully I will maintain it for more than a week, I will give you an update on that as well. Try this out the next time you straighten your hair, and let us know how it went.

Final Results!
Looks more like
 a blow out
Until next post, God bless...

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