Thursday, 25 August 2016

Retaining length!
Hey lovlies,

That seems to be growing on me lol, I trust that you are having a warm Saturday. Before you go off starting your day let us talk about length retention.

Length retention, is keeping the length that you have grown without having it break off, the tip[s off your hair will be intact.
Most people(black women) seem to think that their hair does not grow past a certain length or it cannot grow at all and this is very misleading. While doing my research I have come across a lot of people with kinky coarse hair that has grown up till their waste and that got me thinking how misinformed we've become.

You will find that it took them about more than 2 years to notice considerable length with their hair and that goes with trial and error. So first thing we should know is that hair grows unless you have a medical problem. You hair is always growing, and if you cannot see that it would be because you put too much stress on it that it is constantly breaking.
Now that I have schooled a little on what length retention is, I will give you a few tips on how to achieve that, but I am no pro at this because I am also learning how to help my hair retain length too.

Manipulate you hair less, if you can. Have long term hair styles that allow you access to your scalp and the ability to moisturise you hair. Or wear simple hair styles with your own hair if it is long enough for a week to avoid daily manipulation.

Always protect your hair from heat, best way is to avoid it, but if you like blow drying your hair then use a heat protector and also keep it on a low heat.

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Use tools that are friendly to your hair if finger detangling is a no no for you. A smooth wide tooth
comb will do fine when you need to detangle. Be careful while using tools,or else you will snap your strands off.

Always comb you hair when it is wet, because it stronger than when it is dry.

Discover a weekly regimen that will keep your hair strong and well moisturised.

Research more on how to retain length, there are lot of ladies out there who are sharing their secrets(share with us too)

Be patient with your hair, there is no product that will accelerate hair growth.

You can check out the link on the first picture at the top,

Please share in the comments what you are to try to have long healthy hair. Tell us your secrets lol and tips.
Until next time, God bless...

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