Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Dealing with Low Porosity hair?

Hey lovelies,

I have been researching a lot on porosity and have found that it should be the main thing to type one's hair with. The main for us kinky girls or let me rather say people with dry damaged is to achieve moisture thus have soft hair and this is when porosity kicks in.

I am not going to go into detail with porosity if you want to learn about it, type in Google search hair porosity you will be flooded with all things porosity like this you can take a quiz for that here too. I am suspecting I have low porosity hair but the searches are telling me something else.

With low porosity hair, your hair does not absorb moisture it shuts everything out. So to be able to get moisture through you have to aid it with hear. I guess that's why my hair loves heat, I mean it feels so after blow drying and I am guessing that shows my products have been absorbed.
So if that's not an indication that it is low porosity I don't know what is. Another thing is that it dries very quickly,  apparently that's a characteristic of high porosity hair, and then it feels so brittle afterwards.  My strands test results say low porosity.  You can imagine what my mind is going through now.

In my next post I will be telling you on how I am going to try to combat this. But the first thing to do is to clarify so that I can really understand what the nature of my hair is without products. Clarifying is washing your hair with a clarifying product that will remove all types of build up (products, elements etc). I'm also suspecting that I would be having a protein overload though I barely use protein treatments, it could be from using coconut oil as well which can result in a protein overload. Here is to finding out.

What is your hair porosity and how did you find out or notice it?

Until next post,  God bless....

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