Friday, 23 September 2016

Monthly hair update!


I apologise for being quiet for a bit , I have been under the weather but worry not I am here an ready to mingle with you lol.
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As you know I put up a P. O. A for this month and I just wanted to let you know how it has been going. So the plan was to wash my hair 3 times a week like the doctor ordered and I have been successfully doing that for the past 3 weeks. Yey! It has not been easy though be warned.

The first week I was struggling with styling my hair for the following day because then I would have to wait for it to dry and by the time that happens I would be exhausted and would go to sleep. So I would rock the fro in the morning to work. I did not like it, my hair was tangling and knotting too much. 

The first day I would wash with the medicated shampoo, 2nd day wash it would be with moisturising shampoo and 3rd day wash would be an ACV rinse and then I would still add some rinse-out conditioner for about 5 minutes. Rinse all that out and seal with avocado oil. When the hair completely dry I would then apply castor oil on my scalp, which it is loving by the way. I also discovered that castor oil does not irritate my scalp at all. Note that I apply avocado oil on my hair and try by all means to keep it out of my scalp.

The second week I was dragging this one a bit because I was lazy to twist my hair which meant I would have to wear it out again. Which meant more tangles and knots and that is not good, I discovered that my hair dries quick and feels crunchy until at the end of week two when I decided to do a Bentonite clay wash and my hair was so soft. I will be doing a post on this so I don't want to spoil it for you. I steamed my hair this week when I conditioned it and I actually used the medicated shampoo the whole week. My hair was much softer thanks to the Bentonite clay.

Third week and I am still going strong, this week I went back to the first week's routine of medicated shampoo, moisturising shampoo and then ACV(my hair loves this). My hair is in twists this week, thank goodness! And it has been a breeze. What I did differently this week was putting my conditioner on first and then washing my scalp with the shampoo then rinse everything out all together. Then I won't have a lot of conditioner stuck on my hair as the shampoo rinses it off. And my hair has been responding well to this method. I seal it up with avocado oil while soaking wet( a bit towel dried) and then put some on my scalp after it has dried.

My take down:

Washing my hair in twists has made a huge difference, I should have done this from the beginning. The Bentonite clay helped my hair absorb products. Steaming it helped with the conditioning as well. But the hair(twists) will look freezy after washing. I noticed that my roots are more thicker, maybe I am dreaming , it could be the castor oil and massaging my scalp 3 times a week while washing. I noticed that I don't like playing with my hair and I have become more gentle with it literally, I don't want to hear any snaps at all. I also noticed that I have to seal the moisture immediately after I am done rinsing, I blot my hair to remove access water and then seal, when it dries it becomes less crunchy, which kind makes it high porosity! and this is where I give up with porosity. 
My hair loves ACV and castor oil, stick to what your hair loves.

Let us know what your hair feels like after you wash it and how is your month going.
Until next post, God bless...

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