Monday, 5 September 2016

No heat damage! Update

Hey you,
Shrinkage is so real, but it is not in vain!

I hope you had an awesome weekend. So did I. We remember that last week I had straightened my hair and tried to keep it in that state for a week. I will be telling you how I maintained it, if I got any heat damage and include some products I used when  I washed it.

If you have been following me on Instagram then you would know that I was not doing much with my hair. I just kept it in a halo like flat twist around the perimeter of my head for the whole week except on Friday where I wore it out and it did not revert(to my surprise).

During this time I noticed that my hair was soft and fluffy, I could not really run my fingers through but I could feel my scalp. I also noticed how dry my ends were, they felt brittle, so then I applied some castor oil on them for the last 3 days of the week which kind of helped.

I could not stretch it any longer because my scalp was starting to itch and I was feeling sore bumps on it. That was a call for wash day. I have to be honest I was afraid of heat damage, so I was nervous to wash my hair. I pre-pood the night before with 100% avocado oil, and on that day I washed with the shampoo that was prescribed by the doctor. It does not smell nice, I have to tell you, your conditioner better smell like fabric softener to cover that coal smell. If you wear your hair out , you do not want to be smelling like charcoal.

can you believe this
 is the same hair
I used my Macadamia hair mask, and that was the last of it. I am sad. I mixed it with my protein treatment and slapped it on. An hour later I rinsed them all of and voila! The shrinkage at its glory, I was happy to see my hair like that again. I applied my avocado oil on top and let it air dry. Later on that day I stretched my hair using African threading( I am really not a fan of this method, my ends knot too much).

I also learned that day that my hair is low porosity, which means that it does not hold in moisture, or let moisture through. I realised by the speed it takes my hair to dry, and how stiff it feels even after I moisturised it. I will cover more on this in a different post. I may blow dry my hair more often because of this, I noticed that it tends to be much softer and absorbs oils better.

Comment your thoughts on how to main straightened hair and to avoid heat damage and also some tips on the African threading method to stretch hair.

Until next post, God bless

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