Sunday, 11 September 2016

September POA

Wassup wassup,

I have been bombarding you with hair haven't I? This is one last time(it's not), please allow. I hope you are doing fabulous! And having a fab start to your week!

As you saw from the last post I am suffering with low porosity hair, I still need to make sure though but I am convinced I am. There are various tests you can take that will tell you what porosity level is your hair. So since I am in this situation with my hair. I found out low porosity hair is good actually just that the ends tend to up being porous. I know my ends are porous because of the colouring on them and they are the oldest part of the hair.

Now into the plan. This month I plan to achieve some form of maximum moisture lol.

  • I plan to follow the doctors orders by washing my hair 3 times a week
    • I am going to shampoo twice and then vinegar rinse in between
  • Conditioning with daily conditioner (my tresemme naturals)
  • deep condition on weekends as usual so it is once a week
  • wash days will be Friday(or Saturday), Monday and Wednesday
  • aid the conditioner with steam
  • sprits hair with warm water on days I am not washing
  • cover the ends with castor oil or shea butter
  • wear hair in micro twists(redo every week)
  • Daily evening massages
  • occasionally wear wigs

What I like about this layout is that the wash days fall under the days that I exercise in. So I will be due for a wash/rinse anyway. I plan on turning this into a water washing only method in the future depending on how my hair is going to react to the frequent water exposure. I suspect that it is going to love it.

The challenge I have been facing so far is wearing my hair out this week, I did not do twists and I am not a fan of wearing shrinkage. I am not ashamed of it it's the tangles and the hardening of my hair that's not ideal for me. Got the twists idea from a blogger who was doing a water washing only method in mini twists. My hair takes long to dry, yes now it takes long, it's the ends that dry fast. Since I will be washing in the evening, I might be waking up with damp with damp hair. I doubt that I will be having this problem when I have done the twists and I am going to have to hide it under wigs.

So yeah isn't it good to plan ahead? At least I know what is happening with my hair for the month. What are your monthly plans for your hair? Are you protective styling this month? Please let us know

Until next post, God bless...

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